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Salumeria Biellese Charcuterie

Salumeria Biellese, New York City

We carry many products from this fine company which specializes in Old World style Italian sausages and salamis made with only the finest ingredients. Here is a partial listing. Some products are seasonal or availability may be limited, so you will need to call ahead if you need a specific item.

Salumeria Biellese, Making Salumi Since 1925

  Saucisson Felino
Saucisson sec (hard salame)
  Sweet Italian Sausage
Traditional style - no fennel. Delicate.
  Hot Italian Sausage
Hot, but not ridiculously so – you can still taste other flavors. Great on the grill!
Salame Biellese - mild Piedmontese style salami

Salame Biellese
A Piedmontese style salami, mild seasoned flavor.

  Sopressata Piccante
A sweet tasting and spicy ground-cured sausage. Great for any Antipasto platter.
Bresaola - air dried beef Bresaola
Air-dried beef, fashioned in the style from Valtellina Region. Slice paper thin and serve with Parmesan shaved over your favorite greens.
Rosette de Lyon - delicate dry saucage cured with red wine and quatre epices Rosette de Lyon
A delicately flavored Lyonesse dry sausage, cured with red wine and “quatre epices” (four spices).

A center cut of the Prosciutto

Speck - smoked prosciutto, pepper-cured. Speck
A smoked and pepper-cured prosciutto originated from the Northeastern Alps. Loved with fresh figs or grilled fruit.
This certified Berkshire Pork butt has been cured with spices. This is a terrific addition for any antipasto salad or an accompaniment for greens and balsamic, fruit or sandwich.
Pancetta - cured bacon seasoned with bay leaves Pancetta
A cured bacon that is seasoned with a subtle flavor of Bay Leaf. Rolled and hand tied, then hung to dry for nearly 2 months.


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