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Flavored Coffee Sugars from India Tree

Flavored Coffee Sugars from India Tree

These elegant sugars from INDIA TREE are great with coffee, but they have many other uses as well. Following are a few suggestions:

INDIA TREE Vanilla Sugar - Turbinado Sugar has a natural golden color and an old fashioned flavor. To this is added one-third of a fine Bourbon vanilla bean. Sprinkle INDIA TREE Vanilla Sugar over cereal or yogurt. Use it to top cookies and desserts.

INDIA TREE Maple Sugar - For a taste from another era. Try it on cereal, pancakes, and French toast; in custards and whipping cream; or as a topping and filling for pastries and desserts.

INDIA TREE Cinnamon Sugar - A favorite with children and adults alike. Sprinkle on toast or a latte. Use it in apple desserts.

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