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Chilly Cow Frozen Custard


Chilly Cow Frozen Custard Flavors in Pints
Produced Locally in Arlington, Massachusetts

Vanilla ~ Chocolate ~ Coffee ~ Chocolate PB Cup ~ Chocolate Chip ~ Coconut ~ Lemon
Grapenut ~ Cookie Dough ~ Mocha Almond Chip ~ Ginger ~ Peppermint Stick*

Chilly Cow Frozen Custard

What is Frozen Custard? Frozen Custard is a premium ice cream, that by law contains no less than 1.4% egg yolks by volume. It differs from ordinary ice cream in that there is less air whipped into frozen custard during manufacturing, providing an extremely dense finished product. A little more egg and a lot less air equates to a richer, denser and smoother ice cream, in this case frozen custard.

What is overrun? Overrun is a term used in the ice cream industry that measures how much air is whipped into ice cream as it is frozen. Most commercial ice creams range from 75% to 100% overrun, meaning the volume of finished product is nearly doubled during processing. Our frozen custard has a 20% overrun, resulting in higher quality and great value!

Why is Chilly Cow frozen custard so much better than other ice creams? There are several factors. First, our proprietary Frozen Custard recipe is All Natural using only the highest quality ingredients. There are no artificial additives, preservatives or colors. The real secret behind our frozen custard is the way it's made. Chilly Cow frozen custard is processed in small batches, to ensure freshnes, using a special machine designed specifically for frozen custard. Our Frozen Custard is frozen colder and more quickly than regular ice cream with minimal overrun. By quickly freezing the Frozen Custard, it produces smaller ice crystals providing a velvety smooth treat you are sure to enjoy.


*This product may not always be in stock,
so please call ahead to check availability.



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