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Dry Aged & Wet Aged Beef

Wet Aged Beef

Wet Aged Beef

Wet-aged beef is beef that has typically been aged in a vacuum-sealed bag to retain its moisture. This is the dominant mode of aging beef in the United States today. Wet-aging is popular because none of the weight is lost in the process. In contrast, dry-aging will see up to a third or more of the weight lost as moisture.

Dry Aged Beef

Dry Aged Beef

The process of dry-aging usually also promotes growth of certain fungal (mold) species on the external surface of the meat. This doesn't cause spoilage, but actually forms an external "crust" on the meat's surface, which is trimmed off when the meat is prepared for cooking. These fungal species complement the natural enzymes in the beef by helping to tenderize and increase the flavor of the meat.



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